Hearing Aids Reviews

What consumers reports after buying hearing aids:

My problem was a high frequency loss that effected a lot of different situations at work. I didn't want to pay up to $2000 for the professional route, so I thought I would give a try to a cheaper one. You definitely get what you pay for and I think I received good value for this. Mine came with a pack of ten batteries, which should last you anywhere between 4 days and a week.

Shipping and packing was great. My two weeks now of using one in my right ear has proven to help me greatly. For under $400 it's just what I needed. I've found that, due to the very small ID of the tube, ears must kept very clean. Cause the smallest amount of ear wax, or a flake of skin can plug the tube.

The companies customer service is amazing. What I learned, though, is that it takes awhile to adjust to this device, longer than I expected. Actually they are so comfortable that I worry about taking a shower and forgetting to remove them. Even though the experts say you should have the professional Hearing Aid we will wait and see.

WOW Marvel Hearing Consumer Reports

D. McLane, Waco says:

The WOW! hearing aids are easy to use and very effective. I don't even feel them in my ear and I am able to hear people and other sounds that I previously struggled to hear. This is an excellent product.

N. Gonzales, Dallas, TX

I live in the DFW Metroplex and Dr. Martin made my drive to Waco well worth it! It's the professional atmosphere in the office and the warmth and openness of the staff that make my day. The WOW! hearing aids are superb. As a registered nurse, it has really helped me communicate in life and death situations in the ICU. I have been wearing hearing aids for 23 years and these are the best!
As a long time customer of Better Hearing Systems, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing me to the WOW! Invisible Hearing system. I always just wanted implants or surgery to fix my hearing once and for all, but as you know that wasn't an option for me.

The WOW System is a close as you can get to those options and it has changed my life, for the following reasons:

  1. They are the clearest and most natural sounding aids I have experienced.
  2. They are totally invisible, my wife and friends can't believe it. Oh, and no feed back on hugs!
  3. They are cell phone and eye glass friendly, just like nothing was there, just clear sound.
  4. Care is simple! No battery changes every four days! No trying to remember where I left my hearing aids when I talked on the phone or went to sleep!
  5. There is no fear of these hearing aids falling off my ear in the snow or while jet skiing! I'm sure you remember those replacements.
I had the pleasure of trying the new WOW! Hearing device and I just wanted to take the time to tell you how wonderful this new hearing device is compared to my BTE hearing aid that I used to wear. I talk on the phone all day long, and with my BTE hearing aid, I used to get a lot of feedback and it was just hard to hear. The WOW! has changed my ability to talk on the phone, without the problems with feedback. It is the clearest sound I have ever heard while talking on the phone. The WOW! is care free and very easily maintained. There is no changing the batteries every 4-6 days and you can adjust the volume yourself without having to go to the office. You can shower and also sleep with this aid on. At night I like the Sleep Mode feature. At night when you get ready to go to sleep you can put it on sleep mode and that helps save the life of the battery. This is an amazing device, I am so glad that I tried it. My hearing has changed forever.
My previous traditional behind the ear hearing aid worked well, but was not functional in my job. As a Cardiologist, I need to be able to use my hearing aids and my stethoscope at the same time which was not an option with my previous aids. With WOW! Invisible Hearing, I am able to use the stethoscope and do all my normal activities, like golfing, with no wind noise or feedback! The sound with WOW! is amazing! It sounds like what I remember! It only took a couple of days to get accustomed to having the hearing aid in my ear canal 24/7. Now I don’t even know it is there. I am very happy with the sound, the comfort and the ease of wearing WOW! Thanks again. The WOW! Hearing aid has truly changed my life.

I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am with the WOW! I have been wearing them for about six weeks. I often forget I even have a hearing device in my ears. The quality of natural sound is wonderful. It truly is like having my normal hearing back. Some nights I forget to turn them onto sleep mode because they seem so natural! I truly forget they are there.
As a veterinarian they are very compatible with my practice environment. I no longer need to remove my hearing aids to use my stethoscope. When loud barking happens, they attenuate the sound superbly.
The WOW! has really enhanced my quality of life. Thank you for the care you have given me. It is a distance for me to drive to get to you and I pass several other hearing aid dispensers on my way, but your service, expertise and caring staff are worth the time and travel.

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