Best Hearing Aid Brands

How often do you think about brand name products? We bet, rarely. Every day we buy brand name products without even realizing it. These products can be a bar of chocolate or a bottle of favorite drink. When you see a brand name, you have no doubts that you will buy superior product and the quality meets the price. Even if you have some problems, the customer service will easily help you in no time at all.

The market of hearing aids has a little difference. There are a lot of different brand names that has a great history. Certainly, every company wants to present its products as “the best choice for you”. However, if you want to make your best choice, you should take into account a range of circumstances because a hearing aid device will help you to communicate with people every day.

At the beginning, you may have no idea what you need. In this situation, you may ask your parents or friends a piece of advice, but their opinion is not professional and subjective. We recommend you to talk to your own hearing healthcare professional. Nevertheless, at first you can do some research. To make your life easier, we make a list of six the most reliable hearing aid brands.

We took into consideration four critical factors. Firstly, the good reputation of any company depends on its history. Secondly, a hearing aid company must make sound investments in research and development department. Thirdly, the level of stuff members must be very high and the customer service must work perfectly. For the last, a mission of the company, its culture and philosophy play a great role in image building.


The pioneer in the market of hearing aids was the ReSound, the part of the largest manufactures GN ReSound Group. Since 1943, the company has turned into a great number of innovative ideas including WDRC. It provides a comfortable balance between loud and soft sounds. A device that using this particular technology can be personalized for you individual characteristics.

The ReSound innovations open completely new possibilities in sound processing. The company take to next level not only the appearance of hearing devices but also set new standards in programming and configuration systems. Lately ReSound released a made for iPhone which available on the App Store.


This large company starts with the desire of Hans Demant to help his loved one. His wife was hearing impaired. The company really wants to help people with different hearing problems. Their current device “People first” proves this statement. The company put in its best licks in developing modern technologies. It was the first company in the world that presented the digital hearing instrument. Nowadays it is working on BrainHearing project. The main purpose of the project is to help people, who have more natural listening experience in their every-day life. More than that dual wireless and internet-connected hearing aids are already in their range.


Since 1947, the company Phonak have done everything to help people with hearing problems to communicate, hear and live without any limits. Phonak has a great range of product that you probably find your own life-changing hearing solution. One of the main directions of research and development department is the development of hearing aids for children. One of the most successful innovation was The Roger Ren. Their unique and modern technologies, like CROS hearing aids and lithium rechargeable hearing aids, make their motto “Life is On” sound more and more truthful.


There is a little number of people who do not know such company as Siemens. Signia as a brand name appeared only in January 2016, but it successfully uses all technologies of Siemens and continue to develop its heritage. The first behind-the-ear hearing device, the first hearing aid with two microphones, the first waterproof digital hearing aid and so on and so forth. We should say “thank you” to Siemens for putting into effect all these useful technologies and to Signia for not wasting their potential and doing their best for people with hearing problems.


Starkey Hearing Technologies is the most widespread company in the USA, but it is well known all over the world. One of the main contributions of the company is the presentation of the first customer digital aid and in-canal hearing aid. At the same time, Starkey makes a lot for charity. The Starkey Hearing Foundation is the philanthropy organization and it help not only people in the USA but worldwide. Every time, when somebody purchase Starkey’s production, the company donate some sum of money to The Fund. The Foundation works worldwide and more than one million people already got help.


When the founder of the company Widex had an idea to kick-start production, he could not even imagine that a family-owned company would be one of the largest company of hearing aid in the world. Widex has offices in more than one hundred countries and everywhere its products have demand. The company uses, develops and improves their own technologies such as computer modelling and laser technology. The mission of the company is to provide the best hearing aids and customer service.

Certainly, after reading all information above, you have a lot of different question about this or that product or company. Remember, if you want to buy a high quality hearing aid that will help your with your problems and serve you for a long time, you do not have to rush. Take your time. Speak with your own hearing healthcare professional. They likely know much more information about different brand name hearing aids, their advantages and disadvantages and specific characteristics of every devices.

You should ask many questions about the using technology and the reliability of the product. Do not forget about the level of the customer service and repair experience. If you know all information about your future purchase, your choice will be balanced decision. Your future hearing device will fit you perfectly and your life will be much easier.

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